Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mass Storage Controller error with Windows 7 and Tecra A6

I was unable to use my SD Reader on a Toshiba Tecra A6, the reader apparently was recognized, but the card did not show while browsing my computer. There was also a couple of devices not recognized by my windows 7 installation a Mass Storage Controller and another Unknown device. At this moment I have not cared for the unknown device, but I guess that it is the HDD Protection device that used to lock my PC when I moved it in Win7 RC.

The solution:

I downloaded a new controller for the device from cnet:

when I tryed to installed it and got an error message about unable to install, so I updated the device, directly telling it to Update Driver Software from the following address


By the way I installed the driver in the CardR directory at root. Now I can use my card reader and was able to enable the ReadyBoost option with my SDHC 8GB card. Hope it really helps and that I am not wasting my card.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

vmware.exe - No Disk

I was trying to run vmware last nigh, and started receiving an error message, trying to open vmware, the moment I tried to opened, it a received the error. Vmware player was working OK, but I wanted to create a new virtual machine so I had to find a solution. The error message was:
wmware.exe - No Disk
There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk3\DR2. I looked everywhere, including the registry, trying to find a configuration option or something that could be wrong, and nothing helped. Then I discovered a couple of  entries on vmware site that helped solving it. Apparently there is something wrong with the preferences file, locate in 

%APPDATA%\VMware\preferences.ini for  Windows
 ~/.vmware/preferences for Linux

Not wanting to spend all night trying to solve it, I first deleted de preferences.ini file without looking into it much with  no luck.

The solution:

I deleted the directory VMWare, first I typed cd %APPDATA% in a command window to look where the directory was. In my case, running windows 7 it was located in:


then opened it in the windows explorer and deleted it, and this worked, I lost my favorites and open files history, but truth is, that is almost irrelevant. The other thing I learned, and I guess it had always worked, is that typing %APPDATA% in the start menu, went directly to the directory, I mean it replaces the variable, as it should and does in a batch file.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My ipod pauses for no apparent reason

Hi, at least I understood why. While driving, usually on a bad road my ipod kept on pausing for no apparent reason. The most strange thing was that sometimes it would do it and sometimes not. Knowing it has a hard drive (160GB) I  assumed that because of the bad road the buffer was getting full, and had not enough time to get the new info from the disk, and some other geeky reasons why this was happening.

The solution:

Simpler than I could imagine. I bought a $2 cable on a electronic shop, and I guess it does not fit as well as the ipod headphones, so all I have to do is make sure that the plug gets well connected. As you know when you remove the headphones plug, the ipods goes to pause, and if it has a bad connection, or I guess plug, it will pause. How I can go back to my bad streets (and shock absorbers too, I guess).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being tired of taking my DLSR everywhere!

So I love my DSLR, I got a low end Canon with a couple of "L" lenses and is really great. Specially since I bought the L-series lenses, at last I understood that what everyone tells you that it is the photographer that makes the great pictures and not the equipment, is only half true. It will make a difference!

But you get tired of taking around that equipment, and besides that it is expensive to be caring around all that equipment in case you have the opportunity to take a picture, so, for my 43rd birthday I got a point and shoot camera. Looking for it was the worst part. One part of you wants to keep taking pictures with all the control you have with a DSLR, but on the other hand, you want a camera that at least can be hold in a big shorts bag. So after looking around and decided I wanted a Canon G10, but that it would not solve my problem, it is a big camera anyway, it got a Canon SX200 IS.

The camera is little smaller than the G10, which is good. It cannot really be used as a last resort emergency backup camera in an assignment but it a great camera. I always have disable digital zoom for my camera, but tried it anyway, and it is amazing::

Wide side of the lens (look at the mini-Eiffel tower at the right)

Full optical zoom, hand held
Full digital zoom hand held (I never realized there was a bell at the top)
So after using it for almost a month, I can surely say, it is great having a point at shoot with you almost all the time, that is not your partner camera. And this camera is very good. Video is also great.
The only problem I have found is that I took almost all of my pictures from the point and shoot, I hope to go back to my DSLR on september.

Installed programs disappear in Windows 7 RC1 64 bit

I have been trying Windows 7 since it came out in beta, I installed it in a 32bit Dell GX270 desktop and a 64 bit Toshiba Tecra A6, and it worked OK, specially in the 64 bit machine, BUT, in this machine after I installed some programs and booted the machine some programs disappeared, at first, not having a very structured mind I thought that I have not done so, but after doing it for the second or third time, it was obvious that the programs disappeared. Directories where there, and a lot of files, except for the exe files. I  look for a lot of solutions in the Internet but, as always none made sense, or did not worked. I changed Avast and Kaspersky for Norton Anti-virus but nothing seemed to worked.

The solution:

I removed System Restore from my system. I do like the idea of system restore, I have seen it work with a friend of mine, after he installed some software, but for some reason, unknown to me, system restore was deleting the software I have installed. Very weird solution, but at the end it made sense.