Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being tired of taking my DLSR everywhere!

So I love my DSLR, I got a low end Canon with a couple of "L" lenses and is really great. Specially since I bought the L-series lenses, at last I understood that what everyone tells you that it is the photographer that makes the great pictures and not the equipment, is only half true. It will make a difference!

But you get tired of taking around that equipment, and besides that it is expensive to be caring around all that equipment in case you have the opportunity to take a picture, so, for my 43rd birthday I got a point and shoot camera. Looking for it was the worst part. One part of you wants to keep taking pictures with all the control you have with a DSLR, but on the other hand, you want a camera that at least can be hold in a big shorts bag. So after looking around and decided I wanted a Canon G10, but that it would not solve my problem, it is a big camera anyway, it got a Canon SX200 IS.

The camera is little smaller than the G10, which is good. It cannot really be used as a last resort emergency backup camera in an assignment but it a great camera. I always have disable digital zoom for my camera, but tried it anyway, and it is amazing::

Wide side of the lens (look at the mini-Eiffel tower at the right)

Full optical zoom, hand held
Full digital zoom hand held (I never realized there was a bell at the top)
So after using it for almost a month, I can surely say, it is great having a point at shoot with you almost all the time, that is not your partner camera. And this camera is very good. Video is also great.
The only problem I have found is that I took almost all of my pictures from the point and shoot, I hope to go back to my DSLR on september.

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