Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mass Storage Controller error with Windows 7 and Tecra A6

I was unable to use my SD Reader on a Toshiba Tecra A6, the reader apparently was recognized, but the card did not show while browsing my computer. There was also a couple of devices not recognized by my windows 7 installation a Mass Storage Controller and another Unknown device. At this moment I have not cared for the unknown device, but I guess that it is the HDD Protection device that used to lock my PC when I moved it in Win7 RC.

The solution:

I downloaded a new controller for the device from cnet:

when I tryed to installed it and got an error message about unable to install, so I updated the device, directly telling it to Update Driver Software from the following address


By the way I installed the driver in the CardR directory at root. Now I can use my card reader and was able to enable the ReadyBoost option with my SDHC 8GB card. Hope it really helps and that I am not wasting my card.

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