Thursday, April 19, 2012

Experiences with Lenovo S10-3t and Mac OSX

I am doing some research on Mac OS X running on ordinary PC's, and after a while,  my overall conclusion  it is a better investment to buy a mac mini, but I will not buy it for now.

Some issues with the installation

The installation procedure can be found here:

Use  iATKOS 2 to install, the most important are:

"If you have a NetBook with an Intel Atom CPU, then press F8 at boot screen, type “mach_atom” without quotes and hit enter" 

Then when you install, you have to select the Atom option, and the PS/2 option for the installation to work.

Cannot boot in OSX after installing VoodooHDA Audio Controller

One of the problems I had is that I tried installing Voodoo HDA drivers to make my sound work. After installing the drivers, I got an error about not being able to install the driver, and the installation program locked up.

After some research on the web, I found a solution to restore the machine

Boot OSX again, while still in the Chameleon Screen, press F8, then write -s to enter single user mode. To write -s just type at the screen, and a boot line will appear at the bottom.

The computer will boot in text mode.

Type (remember to write in the correct case, as the system take caps different that small letters):

fsck -fy    (This will check the disk)
mount -uw /  (This will put the disk in read/write mode)
rm -r /System/Library/Extension/voodooHDA.kext (to remove the offending driver)

then you can reboot your machine. There is no need to re install Mac OSX again.

After booting I typed the following command in a Terminal window


This deletes all traces os the voodo HDA driver


Tried Azalia Audio package also, but .after a long time installing, and booting the machine, still no sound.

Network adapter

Another issue was with the network adapter, after a long time I found this

It works, but only when I updated to 10.7.3. Right now only the cabled network is working, hope wireless eventually works.

Starting all over again

At the end, I decided to re-partition my hard drive, as all was devoted to Mac OSX. Installed Windows 7 on one partition, and tried to install again, but got hooked in the circle/backslash screen, and nowhere to go. After forgetting the issue, and leave the machine with Windows only time went by.

It seems to be a problem with the partition table, when I tried to install Linux, I also had problems, to solve it for me, look at the article about recognizing Windows partitions to install Linux later in this blog, but to give you a hint, fix it with the tool found here:

after fixing the partition table, the OS installer worked again.

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