Friday, July 13, 2012

Problem with USB drivers

Having messed up my USB drivers, doing things that shouldn't be done on Windows I ended up with the following problems:

1. USB Hubs (specifically a Belkin hub first, and all including internal notebook hubs) were not recognized as such, I made them work as USB Root Hubs installing the driver manually, but with problems.
2. Kindle Fire not recognized as a external drive, the was no way I could find a driver for it.
3. Livescribe Echo Pen not being recognized, even installing the driver manually with an error 257, and connecting and disconnecting by itself every 5 to 10 seconds.

Being desperate, I decided to remove all Universal Serial Bus controllers from the "Computer Management" or Device Manager in Windows, using the reasoning, how worse can this be. To my surprise, nothing was now recognized, even when I re-installed the USB Host Controller with the original Chipset drivers from Intel/Lenovo.

Then, something magic happened, I found an article in the Microsoft Support site:

Basically it suggested updating the driver software from the following location "C:\windows\winsxs" as it turns out, this is very important windows folder, that I wasn't aware of, it is huge, and has every version, of everything that has been installed in your machine. I first updated the drivers for the USB hub, and magically, everything started to fell in place, it took a while, maybe 15 minutes to install the USB hub, but then, everthing started to appear, even the Kindle Fire as an external drive. The only thing missing was the Livescribe Echo, but again, I updated from drivers to c:\windows\winsxs instead of the Echo drivers location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Livescribe\PendriverV2.2). You don't even have to look for a directory inside of it, just choose the complete folder. One of the internal USB hubs kept being recognized as a unknown device, but working, I updated it also form the same location.

At the end everything returned to work. Hope this helps if you run in the same of similar problems.

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