Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to find out if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit version of MySQL

I neeeded to update MySQL, installed using an automatic installer, so having passed a lot of time after I did the installation, I needed to know which version of MySQL I was running.

I found two was:

Inside MySQL console:

mysql>show global variables like "version_compile%";

The answer was:

| Variable_name           | Value |
| version_compile_machine | x86   |
| version_compile_os      | Win64 |

As I understand this means that I am runnig x86 version of MySQL on a Windows 64 machine, so the answer for me is that I am running the 32 bit version.

x86 32 bits
i686 32 bits
x86-64 - 64 bits

The other way to get this information is using the command prompt, in your mysqld.exe location run:

mysqld --version

and you will get mostly the same information. As I understand Win64 refers to the machine I am running, and the other value to the mysql version.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

http://localhost/sys/en/classic/login/login page not found installing ProcessMaker

I have been trying to install ProcessMaker using Wamp to avoid having several installations of MySQL, Apache and PHP. After serveral attemps I kept getting errors and could not make it work.

My goal was to setup ProcessMaker in the following way. I tried using an alias instead of a Virtual Host.


As it turns out, it cannot be done that way. Whatever you do, you will not make it work (I guess there is a way, but yet have to find one, and would be not supported).

The correct way would be something like


This would requiere changes in my hosts file and I guess I will have to go that way. The reference I found was this:

Hopes to save you some time.

Problems after upgrading Wordpress

I've have this problem a couple of times after upgrading Wordpress to the latest version. Trying to go to the admin page in Wordpress, I received the message that the page does not exist with the following line in the address bar, after my site name


I do not remember what I did the last time, I believe I reinstalled the update from Goddady's site. But this time around it did not work. After doing some research I found this at the Wordpress site:

The post by chowsir had the solution for me. The way I see it it is very simple, if you read the line. The page that does not exist is upgrade.php, so I look into my wp-admin directory, and it is true, the file is not there, there are other files with similar names update.php, upgrade-functions.php, update-core.php, but the file upgrade.php is not there, at least, not anymore.

Go to and download wordpress again
unzip the files and go int wp-admin folder
copy the file upgrade.php to your site.

I received a message about the need to update the database, gave it a click, and now is working again.

Hope it helps, if not, now I know what to do the third time around.